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Jack the Fish Boy: Vessel of Life Jesse H Colbath IV

Jack the Fish Boy: Vessel of Life

Jesse H Colbath IV

Published November 11th 2009
ISBN : 9781449034771
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 About the Book 

Jack the Fish Boy Vessel of Life: Our world holds two bodies of water with the same echoing name. The first Dead sea is a Jordanian lake of salt located in the heart of the Middle East. The second Dead sea is located somewhere in the inner-world south of the Atlantic sea, between Africa and Antarctica. It is a place of mystery and wonder for Jack William Thomas, a young British boy grieving with emotions from the loss of his mother, while a distant father searches for means of communication with his son. The year of the Great War is born. Jack secretly boards his fathers sailing ship during Germanys declaration of war upon the great British Isles. During a menacing storm, Jack is lost at sea, before he is befriended by many different sea creatures, including a beautiful girl named LiLi whom is half human, and half fish. With daring escapes, Jacks life is quickly turned upside down when hes forced to engage in two very different wars at sea. Join Jack as both grueling wars come together in one grand, dueling spectacle. Follow his newfound faith, as it is tested in the blackness of a mad underworld filled with fiendish creatures preventing his return to his native Welsh homeland. This is Jacks first journey for all ages to enjoy. It is the very essence of a well defined, classic story of good versus evil set in the past, present, and future. A magical fable with a twist of faith to help guide the human spirit.