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Language of Periodical News in Seventeenth-Century England Nicholas Brownlees

Language of Periodical News in Seventeenth-Century England

Nicholas Brownlees

Published July 5th 2011
ISBN : 9781283142854
245 pages
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 About the Book 

This volume follows the beginnings and development of seventeenth-century English periodical print news and sees how contemporary news writers shaped their news discourse over the decades. Interdisciplinary in its approach, the volume analyses the different strategies employed by news writers of the day as they determined how best to present and write up both foreign and domestic events for a news-obsessed English readership. In his examination of the language used in corantos, newsbooks and gazettes the first forms of periodical news in the English press Nicholas Brownlees provides innovative analyses regarding a rich variety of topics including: the role of translation in early periodical news- the language of hard news in corantos and news pamphlets- forms and styles of epistolary news- fluctuating editorial strategies used to address and involve the reader- text structure and prototypical headlines- English news discourse within a wider European news context- the language of propaganda in the English Civil War- periodicity and the reporting of the Tuscan crisis in 1653- the language of Advertisements in The London Gazette- the changing fortunes and semantics of News, Intelligence and Advice.In its focus on how news writers worked and experimented with seventeenth-century English language structures and discourse conventions to forge a style of news rhetoric that could inform, persuade and even entertain, this volume is essential reading for all historians, news analysts and historical linguists working in the early modern period.