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Its: A Short Story Scaylen Renvac

Its: A Short Story

Scaylen Renvac

Kindle Edition
11 pages
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 About the Book 

A surreal depiction of how very alive our inner thoughts can be, shown though the eyes of an artist and their muse.You:I wake up and roll over, staring at the ceiling for a few minutes. It’s still dark out. I sigh. Another day.I get out of bed and straighten the sheets.I glance at the foot of the bed where It lays, draped over the edge, still sleeping. It won’t wake for another couple hours.It:I wake up. There’s light streaming in the window. I yawn and stretch, fingers grasping at air, and slide off the bed. I lay on the floor for a few minutes, warm sunlight on my belly and cool stone against my back. A new day.I can sense It sitting at a desk in a stuffy classroom. I don’t understand why It behaves this way. I know It doesn’t like to. It’s always complaining.This is a very short story, approximately 3000 words.