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The Scarlatti Inheritance / The Osterman Weekend / The Matlock Paper / The Gemini Contenders Robert Ludlum

The Scarlatti Inheritance / The Osterman Weekend / The Matlock Paper / The Gemini Contenders

Robert Ludlum

Published 1986
ISBN : 9780553328158
Unknown Binding
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 About the Book 

(11/18/09) Well, I chose this as to read as I plan on reading The Scarlatti Inheritance in the near future. Truth be told, however, I have already read two of these enclosed books, and herein are brief reviews of them:The Gemini Contenders is one I actually read about 30+ years ago and recognized I had done so about a third of the way through it. Finished it anyway because I enjoyed it so much. Involves twins on opposite sides of a Nazi-inspired (what else?) pursuit of a supposedly lost gospel by Jesus himself, calling into account some presuppositions about him and all sorts of this is gonna have a massive influence on Christianity and the WHOLE WORLD!!! folderol. This device was in The Word by Irving Wallace and of course more recently in The DaVinci Code. No matter, the action and suspense are very good, the relationship between the brothers intriguing, and those dirty old Nazis are everywhere, even in modern day! Very fun read, highly recommended. Would give it a Five Star Review!!!The Osterman Weekend is more of a Who are our neighbors REALLY? scenarios, and the plot goes through all sorts of twists and turns and suspicions of this one, then that one, with some (well, not enough, for me) clues as to whos the REAL culprit(s). Might make you take a second look at who those nice people on your cul-de-sac might really be... This was made into a movie, Sam Peckinpahs last, but it got bad reviews, gonna see it sometime anyway. Book was OK, but I think not up to Ludlums usual quality. Would give it Three Star review.OK, now on to The Scarlatti Inheritance (well, after I finish The Lost Symbol (yeah, Dan Brown again, cant put im down) and Eureka Man, which is my FIRST pre-publication book I won through Goodreads! A review of that one coming in a couple weeks.01/28/10 Finished The Scarlatti Inheritance, a pre-Nazi thriller which, I fear, is mostly talk and only a bit of thrill. Nonetheless, it is a fun romp through the world of the rich (a transformation similar to that in The Lost Symbol is part of the fun, but much more overt). I would have given this a Three Star review, easy to read, but not up to the standards of some of his other works (see above).08/12/10 Finished The Matlock Paper, my second-favorite in this collection. A college professor, James Matlock, is recruited by the Justice Department to infiltrate and find out whos behind drug deals on a Connecticut campus. WELL, the shootings and torture start almost immediately and the good/bad guys are shifting almost in every chapter, and this poor sap gets pursued by good and bad alike and the layers of depravity get uncovered almost as fast, and I couldnt put this dang thing down! Another fun The groves of Academe hide pretty nasty stuff romp. This was published in 1973, so some of what wed see as anachronisms are pretty fun: Use of pay phones to conceal ones whereabouts- the militant Black campus organizations amidst general student unrest- and, my personal favorite, when talking about recruitment of college girls for a prostitution ring, one character exclaims,Its the Age of Aquarius! Nobody has to pay for sex! I laughed out loud, but then Im old enough to remember all that stuff.