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City of Sin Greg P. Davies

City of Sin

Greg P. Davies

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The world has fallen apart and the new law that took place of what we knew is a brutal and sadistic one. Numbers were now names and names were not relevant. Sex is no longer meant for pleasure and breaking the rules cost Number two-five-six her partner. She was now a cop, an enforcer of the law she hated so much and she did everything in her power to break it.Excerpt:He grabbed me and started to take control, switching our positions so that it was myself that now had my back to the stone cold wall but it didn’t matter as my inner thighs burned and created enough heat to fill my entire body. His mouth was swiftly going from my lips to my neck and he proceeded to travel downward towards my collar bones. Every kiss increased in strength until he reached my right nipple which he then almost devoured from excitement.His mouth consuming a big portion of my breast and his tongue teasing my nipple, licking it, kissing it, he was making me moan out in ecstasy. He was giving me exactly what I wanted, what I needed to escape the reality of the world in which we lived and died.